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USPS Tracking | Track US Postal Service Status

Please type your USPS Tracking International / Receipt Number provided in the form below.

How to Track USPS Package

It is a rather simple process. All you need to do is enter your Tracking / Receipt number in the form located above. After entering the number, click on the Track Package button. You will be redirected to a USPS Track page. Or Else, you can directly go to the official website www.usps.com, and use the search form located on the top to track your package.

usps tracking

Common USPS Tracking number format will feature atleast 20-22 digits. Each service has different label number format. For example, Priority Mail may have a prefix of ‘EC’ while Registered Mail may have a prefix of ‘RA’. The tracking page (Illustrated in the above image) consists of the following information:

  • It displays the status and current location of your shipment / package.
  • Information regarding your package (Contents, Origin and Destination locations).
  • It also displays the expected date and time of delivery.
  • It displays the history of the locations where the package was processed.
  • You can also Track & Confirm through e-mail directly.
  • You can also use the USPS Tracking map to view the location visually.

USPS Overview and Timeline

United States Postal Service, abbreviated as USPS, is a state-owned Postal company which represents the U.S Post Office and Mail. One of it’s notable features is USPS Tracking feature which enables it’s users to track the current status and location of their Certified Mail / Priority Mail or International Registered Mail Shipments. USPS is currently equipped with more than 600,000 thousand employees and over 200,000 Vehicles. Serving the U.S citizens is it’s primary motto.

The official website offers a myriad of useful features  such as Calculation of Shipping price, Scheduling Pickups, Finding Zip Code, Mail Forwarding service, Stamps and Collectibles shop, e.t.c. USPS International Tracking, nicknamed as Track and Confirm, enables you to receive regular updates regarding your Package or Mail. You can also enable regular updates through e-mail or text messages (SMS).

Compared to other private logistics’ companies like TNT Express, United States Postal Service offers more cost-efficient service. However, the delivery time is a little high. Another notable feature is USPS Tracking Map. It comprehensively displays the list of locations in the delivery line of your shipment on a map. You can track visually the progress of your package on a live map.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any discrepancies in the USPS Tracking system (Visit www.usps.com).