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Courier Tracking

Blue Dart Courier Tracking Status

Enter the WayBill  / Reference Number of your BlueDart courier below and click on the Track button.

How to Track BlueDart Courier Status

An easy way to track your courier is by entering your WayBill/ Reference number in the tracking form located above. After entering the reference number, just click on the Track Courier button.

Another way is to go to www.bluedart.com (Official Website for Bluedart.com courier tracking) and enter your waybill number in the TrackDart box located on the top-left corner. The reference number is generally 8 to 11 digits long. This number is usually located on your receipt or acknowledgement slip provided to you.

bluedart tracking

Information provided by BlueDart Tracking

  • It will display the pickup date of your courier / shipment.
  • From and To locations of the shipment.
  • Status of the delivery (In Transit / Delivered / Await Delivery Information, e.t.c).
  • It also displays the expected date of delivery.

Tracking through e-mail

You can track BlueDart courier through e-mail as well. Enter your reference number in the Body of the e-mail or the subject line and send the email to trackref@bluedart.com. If you want to track multiple couriers, just enter all the reference numbers seperated by a comma (,) in either the subject line or body.

Tracking through SMS

If you don’t have access to the internet, the best way for BlueDart tracking is through SMS. To know the current status of your shipment, Send an SMS from your mobile in the following format.

SMS:Type T< space >Reference Number to 56767 

To know the status of your courier on delivery, Send an SMS In the following format.

SMS:Type I< space >Reference Number to 56767

About BlueDart Couriers

BlueDart Express is one of the largest and most popular courier and logistic companies in South Asia. It has a huge network covering over about 34,000 locations and services to almost every country across the world. It even operates a dedicated air freight network, named Blue Dart aviation (5 Boeing flights). It is currently partnered with DHL express.

It currently has close to 9000 employees (staff) with over 8,700 ground vehicles. It is famous for it’s state of the art technologies like ShopTrack, ShipDart, TrackDart, MobileDart e.t.c. These technologies help in increasing the user experience. It is also famous among webmasters because Google Adsense cheques are managed / shipped by BlueDart in India. It even surpassed Professional couriers in terms of popularity.

You can visit the official website www.bluedart.com for more information.