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Courier Tracking

Track Courier | Fast Courier Tracking

Select a courier service and Enter your Consignment/Tracking/Reference Number below.


Tracking Courier is simple and a straight-forward process. There are several ways to do it.  This site provides a hassle-free way to track your  shipment. It is a dedicated portal to track multiple courier services like DTDC, Speed Post.


Courier Tracking Online

To Track the current status and location of your courier or shipment, just enter your Tracking number/ Reference Number / Consignment Number / AWB in the input form located on top of the page and choose the courier service associated with it in the drop down list.

Alternatively, you can choose your desired service (Example: DTDC, BlueDart, TNT, e.t.c) from the navigation menu bar located on top of this site. You will be redirected to a new page, where you will be prompted to enter your Tracking / Reference number and click on the Track Courier button.

  • The receipt or Bill number for the selected parcel will be displayed.
  • Details about the origin location and the destination location.
  • Date of Dispatch and the expected date of delivery.
  • Complete information on the current location and status of the shipment.
  • Complete courier tracking details will be displayed.
  • Customer care contact number will be included at the bottom in case of any trouble.

Benefits of Courier Tracking

Tracking Courier Online is essential because most of the times Courier delivery is delayed. In such cases, you can know or track the current location and status of the shipment, so you don’t need to worry about nondelivery or misplacement. You can also download the complete history of the shipment. It is essential for e-commerce website and other businesses to keep track of their deliveries.

It is highly unlikely but, sometimes your shipment or parcel will not be delivered to the destination location. In such cases, you can track the status and contact the customer support to solve such problems. Make sure to preserve the tracking number in case of any buyer – seller disputes.

Note: DTDCTrack.in website is neither affiliated nor endorsed with any courier tracking services. We are not responsible for any discrepancies occurring due to these third-party websites or services.